Build A Community & Course That Gets Your Clients To Actually Engage

Put your courses, classes and community inside a mobile app. Stop wasting time trying to put together Kajabi, Facebook Groups and Discord.


Reach your community and customers where it matters most - on their phones. Put your community, courses and classes together in one place.


Why not put your community and courses in one place? Lessons, modules, videos, transcriptions, resources, progress tracking…all here for you in an app.


Gamify your communities and courses! Award points to build community and boost engagement.Create competitions with Leaderboards.

Automate Your Content

Plan and schedule your events, groups and content on web or mobile. SocialGlow gives you the ability to pre-schedule all of your content inside your groups.

Host Content Easily

Store, manage and share videos using SocialGlow. You can embed videos from YouTube, Wistia, etc or you can host your content directly.

Reach Your Members

You can reach all your members using push notifications, SMS and email broadcasts. No segmenting, lists or tags — just simple reach to all your members.

No Censorship

SocialGlow lets you lead your community the way you want to. There’s no Algorithm or overlords monitoring what you can and can’t say. There’s just a great dev team committed to helping you lead.

Powerful Templates

This makes recurring events, pop up groups and challenges easy and duplicatable. If you create a Template for more than one Group, you can automate replacing the name, invite link and text within seconds.

Earn Passive Income

Makes SocialGlow an income stream rather than cost. When you register as an affiliate for SocialGlow, you can make 25% of the monthly subscriptions you bring in.

Group Calendar

Schedule your group events here. Members will see everything and get reminder emails. Plus you can use push notifications to help remind them as well. Group engagement will increase.

Zapier Integration

Easily connect SocialGlow to over 5000 other apps with our powerful Zapier Integration.

Fanatical Support

We have your back! Our team of community experts can handle any question you have, with an average response time of less than five minutes!

Everything You Need
To Build A High Engagement Community

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