The #1 All-In-One Gamified Community & Courses App For Group Coaches

SocialGlow puts your community, courses and classes into a powerful and addictive experience that keeps your clients engaged, connected and focused.

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The 3 Pillar Framework To 10X Your Community Engagement

Learn how to maximize engagement, make interacting with your content more fun and addictive, and keep your members asking for more.

We Make It Easy To Take Your Community Engagement To The Next Level

Simplify Your Client Experience...

Combine all of your courses and community into one, powerful mobile app experience making it easier than ever for your clients to stay on top of your content.
"SocialGlow makes it so easy for my clients to access all of my content and interact with me in one place"
- Mandy H, Certified FASTer Way Coach
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Keep them coming back for more...

Get your clients off of Facebook. This is the only place your community will ever need to access your content and stay in touch with you.
"SocialGlow has been a night and day change from Facebook groups! My clients are so happy with it".
- Jenni A, Fitness Coach.
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10X Your Engagement...

Our unique gamification system allows you to set points, levels and leaderboards for your groups to skyrocket your engagement.
"SocialGlow makes it so easy and fun to engage with the content that really interests you. It's so simple".
- Tammi K, Certified FASTer Way Coach
Learn how GAMIFICATION works.
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Tammi Kuthan

SocialGlow is so user-friendly, my clients love it, I enter my posts super, super easy, I love how I can have all my templates in there and keep rescheduling, it's super easy to edit...

Mandy Hanson

SocialGlow has been a win-win for my clients and for me. SocialGlow is the missing piece that let's me relay information to my clients in a quick and efficient manner...


I’ve been in this industry professionally for more than 17 years now and SocialGlow is the best platform I've come across. It solves all the problems that we've had with communities on social media and it’s full of great people that care about the end user. I highly recommend anyone that is seeking to boost their business to try it.

Holly Henderson

As a health and wellness coach I needed a platform that would appeal to my clientele. Think of the middle-aged woman who was short on time, maybe not tech-savvy, but motivated to create a healthy lifestyle and truly thrive during midlife. I needed a place to educate, build community and offer support but did not want the noise of Facebook. SocialGlow provided me with an easy-to-use platform that my clients are loving. Not to mention, the support is top-notch! I appreciate being able to speak to a human when I have questions.
- FASTerWay Coach -

Everything In an App

Reach your community and customers where it matters most - on their phones. Put your community, courses and classes together in one place.

Increased Engagement

SocialGlow lets you gamify your communities and courses! You can award points to build community and boost engagement.

Guaranteed Reach

There’s no Algorithm. This way every member sees each of your posts using push notifications, SMS and email broadcasts.

Easy to Use

Your members will love SocialGlow because it merges the best of Facebook and Course Creation into one simple app.

Earn Passive Income

When you register as an affiliate for SocialGlow, you can make 25% of the monthly subscriptions you bring in.

Make Your Life Easy

You’ll save time and money with SocialGlow. Running and leading your community will become simple again.

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