SocialGlow is the Kajabi alternative you and your community can call home.

Kajabi isn't optimized for a great mobile experience. It's full of features you probably won't use. And doesn't help with engagement or retention. SocialGlow is so easy to use. People enjoy interacting with you and each other, making everyone feel proudly at home.

Kajabi has a lot of features built in - but what about your members' experience?

Kajabi offers online courses, memberships, a white label app, and even a website builder! Many great tools — but when you put so much into a product, users might find it hard to navigate.

Community owners say Kajabi can be challenging for them and for their community

Verified Kajabi Reviews on Capterra
"Save yourself the headache, frustration, and financial loss by looking elsewhere for a reliable and trustworthy software company."
"The worst thing with this experience was I found the customer support extremely bad."
"The customer service is very poor and the product is Uber over priced."
"The entire platform in general is very finicky and incredibly difficult to work with."
"I've worked in the space for over 10 years and it's by far the worst platform to work with."
"Customer Service has decline terribly - over an hour and no resolution to a simple problem."

Features matter - but having an active, engaged community matters more

SocialGlow makes your community a welcoming place for members, inspiring true conversations.

We keep things simple enough to help communities thrive, with tools and our unique Gamification System to make creators’ lives easier, too.

SocialGlow features

SocialGlow focuses on your members first, so they can focus on your content and each other

A community you feel proud of

Everything looks and feels like your brand. Your voice feels louder in a place built for you and your members.

Skyrocket your engagement

With our unique Gamification System, your members can earn points, climb levels and be awarded special badges.

Increase Client Retention and LTV

Combine all of your courses and community into one, powerful mobile app experience making it easier than ever for your clients to stay on top of your content.
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Satisfied clients say:

"SocialGlow makes it so easy and fun to engage with the content that really interests you. It's so simple"
Tammi K,
Certified FASTer Way Coach
"SocialGlow makes it so easy for my clients to access all of my content and interact with me in one place".
Mandy H,
Certified FASTer Way Coach
"SocialGlow has been a night and day change from Facebook groups! My clients are so happy with it".
Meg C,
Amazon Best-Selling Author

10X your client engagement and retention with our unique Gamification System

Our unique gamification system allows you to set points, levels, and leaderboards for your groups to skyrocket your engagement. Plus, your members can redeem their points towards your other offers.

Award Points

Your community can now earn points based on their engagement which can then be used to redeem special prizes!


Set up levels for your members to reach whenever they reach a specific point goal. Levels will be shown next to their name.


Foster a powerful sense of competition among your users by seeing who can reach the top of the leaderboard each week!
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SocialGlow gives you everything you need for your community in one place

Create content that inspires members

Make your posts unmissable with live streams, video, images, emojis and events.

Launch exclusive group chats

Add select members to private group chats. Serve more customers at once and create a personalized experience for them.

Keep them coming back for more

Get your clients off of Facebook. This is the only place your community will ever need to access your content and stay in touch with you.

Host all of your content easily

Store, manage and share videos using SocialGlow. You can embed videos from YouTube, Wistia, etc or you can host your content directly.

Automate your content

Plan and schedule your events, groups and content on web or mobile. SocialGlow gives you the ability to pre-schedule all of your content inside your groups.

Receive fanatical support

We have your back! Our team of community experts can handle any question you have, with an average response time of less than five minutes!

Join SocialGlow Community

Hundreds of creators across the world trust SocialGlow with their community
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Feature Comparison

Group Creation
Video Hosting
24/7 Support
Complex Landing Pages
Easy-To-Create Courses
Seamless App Integration
In-App Media Library
Quick Onboarding Process
Group Chat Capabilities
Leaderboards & Gamification
Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Members
Unlimited Contacts
Starting from (/mo):

A community engagement and course-building platform like SocialGlow is the right choice if you want to:

Create amazing courses quickly and effectively.
Build a strong, engaged community of like-minded people.
Have your courses and communities interact together on one single platform.
Boost the engagement your members have with your content through customizable leaderboards and gamification.
Take advantage of limitless features to grow your business.
Set up your own courses, lessons and groups with zero coding knowledge required.
Give your members the best, seamless web and app experience.

A course-creation tool such as Kajabi may be the correct route to take only if:

You don't mind having to use some coding knowledge to set up the right courses and lessons for your community.
You are mainly interested in creating course and group pages.
You have the time to invest in getting through the learning curve of a new, complex platform.
You are able to invest more money to get more limited features.
You are not interested in massively increasing your course and community engagement.

Migrating from Kajabi?

We know switching platforms can be stressful...

You don’t need to move your entire community all at once.

Get started with SocialGlow for free, invite a few members and see how our friendly onboarding helps them feel at home in no time.And if it doesn’t work out for you, you can still go back to what you’re using right now.

Or if you have a large community and need help, reach out to us by scheduling a free demo call.


Can I have a 1-on-1 demo with a real person?

Sure. We offer 30-minute demos for anyone considering signing up
Schedule a free demo call

Does SocialGlow offer a money back guarantee? (Yes!)

Yes! We back our product with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you decide that SocialGlow isn’t the online community platform for you, let us know and we’ll get you a full refund — no questions asked.

Can SocialGlow replace all the tools I am using now?

You can interact with people via posts, comments, chats, images, direct messages, videos, and live streams. You can create online courses and bootcamps.

Everything is done inside SocialGlow and it all feels like one consistent experience for your members. And if you want to integrate with other tools, you can do that too.

We strongly focus on maximizing community, but you may still need to have a CRM and Landing Page / Funnel Builder.

Is it going to be easy for my members to use?

You bet!

SocialGlow is a modern community platform where the one thing we focus on is creating a friendly, easy-to-use environment for your online communities.

We’d hate for you to lose members because they don’t know how to engage with others or find the right content they’re looking for. SocialGlow gives your community platform a clean interface with built-in onboarding flows that make people feel like they belong from the very beginning.

I'm new to online community building. What kind of support can I get as I start?

Congrats on starting on this journey!

When you sign up for SocialGlow, you get immediate access to our exclusive community of creators. You get to meet, chat and learn from other community owners.

Inside, you’ll find live expert sessions on online community building, weekly coaching calls, Q&A sessions, and more! As soon as you sign up you should receive an email to join SocialGlow NATION!

In addition to that, you will be taken care of by our Superstar Support Team through live chat that has an average response time of less than 5 minutes.

Ready to get started?

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