Choose The Right Platform

SocialGlow VS Skool

Choosing the right platform to build and grow your community and course business is no easy feat. We're here to help you make the correct decision.

Feature Comparison

Group Creation
Video Hosting
Priority Chat Support
Easy-To-Create Course Pages
User-Friendly Mobile App
Direct Tech Support
Quick Onboarding Process
Complete Content Scheduling
Leaderboards & Gamification
Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Members
Unlimited Contacts

Key Takeaways

A community engagement and course-building platform like SocialGlow is the right choice if you want to:

Create amazing courses quickly and effectively.
Build a strong, engaged community of like-minded people.
Have your courses and communities interact together on one single platform.
Boost the engagement your members have with your content through customizable leaderboards and gamification.
Take advantage of limitless features to grow your business.
Set up your own courses, lessons and groups with zero coding knowledge required.
Give your members the best, seamless web and app experience.

A community tool such as Skool may be the correct route to take only if:

You don't mind having to rely on a separate video hosting service.
You don't want your members to have a native app that will take your courses wherever they go.
You will never need direct tech support for any problem that may arise while using the platform.
You don't mind having to search online for solutions to your problems, as there's no priority chat support.
You are not interested in massively increasing your course AND community engagement.

The 3 Pillar Framework To 10X Your Community Engagement

Learn how to maximize engagement, make interacting with your content more fun and addictive, and keep your members asking for more.