3 Simple Ways to Make Extra Income in 2023

There are only so many hours in the day; as a coach, that fact cuts into our bottom line.

Finding avenues to earn extra income can be difficult. This may lead you to think that your only options for making more are to raise your rates or lose sleep. I don't know about you, but my sleep is precious. And you've likely worked hard to have the client base you currently serve. So ruffling feathers to change your rate isn't something you are willing to do right now. I get it.

What if I told you there was another way? In this article, we'll discuss 3 simple ways to make extra money in 2023 by leveraging your coaching business.

#1 Sell Courses

The number one way to earn extra income in 2023 is to sell courses. Your knowledge as a coach is a valuable product. Imagine being able to make money off that knowledge passively.

People are hungry to learn new skills and apply them to their lives for self-improvement.

You can use this to your benefit. The knowledge you have inside you about the niche topic you coach can be condensed into a digital product to be purchased anytime - even when you’re not on the clock.

You are filled with valuable information that if someone were to draw on your experience, they’d gain practical skills that will improve their lives. So why not profit from it? It’s a win-win situation.

Selling courses can help you earn an extra income because 1. It allows you to make money even when you are not working, and 2. It broadens your reach. Say, for instance, you have people reaching out inspired by your social media content who would love to work with you but can’t afford your hourly rate. At that moment, rather than lose them as a client, convert them into customers.

If you have a digital product with your knowledge condensed within it, you can sell it at a price that is a more viable investment for this different kind of customer. This means that you’ll be able to touch more lives with your knowledge, and your business will continue to grow through word of mouth. Those who purchase your Course will not benefit from your weekly guidance, but they will be able to learn from a fantastic coach!

Even though it takes work to get a course up and running - it’s worth it. I would suggest figuring out what you specifically want to teach. Ask yourself - What are people searching for when they hire you?  

A great place to start when researching what direction you should go in for your Course is to look for e-book titles on Amazon related to your topic. Read the reviews and take notes. What did the readers like and dislike? How can you improve upon that topic and fix the problems in the e-books to make your Course marketable?

Once you have an idea of what you want to teach - you’ll need to find a place to build and host your courses. You don’t want to waste too much time using a platform trying to be too many things at once. Learning a complicated platform is a huge time suck, and when you’re trying to figure out how to build a course, you’re not making money. That’s why using a Kajabi alternative, like SocialGlow, is a great way to get straight to earning extra income. It’s easy to learn, straightforward, and has a support team that will assist you as an admin and your customers. Their support team is live seven days a week with a response time of 5 minutes or less. So if you run into any trouble while creating your Course, you’ll have help immediately instead of having to wait 24 hours and disrupt your workflow.

SocialGlow is a forward social platform that is centered around Groups. Therefore, the Courses that you build will exist within a Group. You can create as many Groups as you like and make as many Courses as you like within one Group, giving you immense flexibility in how you conduct your business.

You’ll be in awe at how easy it is to build Courses on SocialGlow. Its intuitive design will make it feel like you’ve used their dashboard before. Everything you need to make your Course is right in front of you. You will not have to waste time tinkering to figure out how certain features work. Instead, each step of the course-building process on SocialGlow will guide you on how to use that section. In addition, you can add multiple media types and tasks and have unlimited storage for your content. With SocialGlow, you’ll have a sellable course in no time!

SocialGlow is constantly updating their features to accommodate what is trending in the course-selling market, and they design them to be used right away with no learning curve. For example, Gamification is the new and proven way to keep your course customers engaged and satisfied. SocialGlow has easily incorporated this feature into your courses with only a couple of clicks. You do not need to add a widget.

Because SocialGlow is structured around Groups, you’ll find the toggle to turn on the Gamification Feature for your Course when creating the Group you want to store your Course under.

From there, SocialGlow will guide you on where to add points to reward your members. In addition, you can customize how your members receive points, such as completing tasks in courses or interacting within the group community.

The Gamification Feature is such an effective tool for generating higher user engagement due to the Leaderboard, which populates who has the most points in the Group for all members to see. Having your members see who has the highest ranking will create healthy competition and excitement, and motivate your members to participate more.

However, the main reason using SocialGlow will make your Course stand out to your members is that it will be able to reach them where they are going to be anyway - their phones! Because SocialGlow was built with socializing in mind, it knows how to wield the power of a mobile app. The app has even more features for your course customers, and will quickly become an addicting experience for them where they check into your Group daily, just like they would any other social media app.

#2 Membership Communities

Another way to broaden your audience and earn extra income in 2023 is to create a membership community.

Essentially, you create a space where your clients and customers can consume your exclusive content and develop a community within the group around the passion they have for the niche you coach under. They pay you a monthly fee to be a part of it.

The monthly payment is usually a minor expense compared with purchasing a course or hiring you at your hourly rate. Allowing you to reach new clients and customers that felt you were out of their reach. Plus, you can use your membership community for marketing your courses and one-on-one coaching services to members who were on the fence and joined the group to test you out.

The subscription model allows you to earn consistent income while your members do most of the work. Your job with this form of service is to provide the space for the community to thrive.

That’s where a course-building platform like SocialGlow comes in handy. The platform’s built-in groups will help you quickly earn income from community memberships. You can create as many groups as you need for different reasons, such as a community attached to a course, a Facebook Alternative Group space, or a membership-based community.

If your business is based more on the content you publish, for instance, if you teach and market your coaching on YouTube - then you can use SocialGlow’s groups as a Patreon alternative. Patreon is a great platform where you post exclusive content for those contributing to your work. However, it does not allow you to interact and engage with your audience.

SocialGlow was designed to feel like you’re using a social media app. Your group members will receive the same immediate feedback that they would on Facebook, but have the freedom and protection you’d get from building your site.

One of SocialGlow’s most valuable features for their Groups is its Templates and Content Scheduler. A Template is a specific set of posts with designated days and times for each post. You can schedule a Template for any of your Groups, and they will post automatically in the order you assigned them to appear.

Having your content scheduled ahead of time to appear in your membership groups allows you to concentrate on the work that will give you the most returns. Your members joined your group because of the content, but you keep them and continue making money by building relationships. Use your content as a jumping-off point to growing your business.

SocialGlow also allows you to schedule your comments. So you’ll get the ball rolling with member engagement without checking into your groups multiple times a day.

With SocialGlow, you’ll also be able to reach your members using push notifications, SMS, and email broadcasts. No segmenting, lists, or tags - like you would in a Facebook Group - just immediate reach to all your members at once.

Members can post their content, comment on yours, and send messages to you and other members. Your members can also save posts under Favorites, which will populate in a separate list they can return to for easy access to the specific content they felt was valuable.

When members post their own content - they’ll feel like they have actual ownership of the group because of the freedom SocialGlow provides. It’s not rigid, and when the conversation starts flowing in your groups, you’ll have a lively and welcoming space loved by your members.

Taking advantage of all SocialGlow’s Features will provide you with a thriving and profitable membership community.  

If you are a coach, artist, or blogger interested in just the community-based side of SocialGlow - they have a subscription option available without Courses.

Learn more about it here: https://socialglow.com/pricing-community

#3 Affiliate Programs

The third simple way to earn extra income in 2023 is to use SocialGlow’s affiliate program. If you’re tapped into the industry already and have friends and followers looking for a service like SocialGlow, you could be making a fair bit of money each month without lifting a finger.

Once you sign up for SocialGlow’s affiliate program, you’ll be able to send out a link to your friends to use. There are no fees or commitment periods when you join. And for every new SocialGlow member you bring in, you’ll receive a 25% recurring monthly commission for the life of the customer. Using an affiliate program like SocialGlow’s will add up quickly and easily, so you can accomplish your goal of earning more money in 2023.

Sign up for it now!