Engagement or Customization: Navigating the Digital Pulse of Heartbeat.chat vs. SocialGlow

You have clients who see results from your cohort coaching program, but engagement is a challenge. Despite your efforts in posting and curating content, members are minimally interactive, only sporadically checking in. This scenario is frustrating because you understand that engagement is key to client retention. A dormant digital space won't suffice for a thriving coaching business. Engagement is crucial for fostering powerful relationships that benefit you and your clients. You're now looking for a private community builder that can invigorate your community’s spirit.

Today, we dive deep into comparing two promising newcomers - Heartbeat.chat and SocialGlow. Both are community builder platforms, poised as excellent alternatives to Facebook Groups or WordPress forum extensions like MemberPress. They offer a space for your community to gather and learn and a hub for direct communication with your clients, minus the hassle of additional apps. As we explore Heartbeat.chat and SocialGlow, each boasting unique benefits, we'll assess them based on user experience, customization, and specific features that cater to diverse coaching styles. Which platform aligns best with your needs and those of your clients? Let's find out.

Simplification vs. Customization:  

In the world of online community building, the choice often boils down to simplification versus customization. SocialGlow excels in creating an engaging environment for your clients throughout your program or Bootcamp. It focuses on simplifying communication channels between you, your clients, and amongst the clients themselves. This emphasis on immediacy is evident in its features like easy-to-set-up gamification, comprehensive support for coaches and members, and streamlined group creation.

On the other hand, Heartbeat.chat caters to those prioritizing brand alignment and customization. It offers a range of options to tailor the platform to your brand’s unique needs, available across different service tiers.


Let’s take a moment to delve into the unique integration philosophies of SocialGlow and Heartbeat.chat and how they align with what you might be looking for. Imagine SocialGlow as your friendly neighborhood helper, offering just the right tools at your doorstep. It connects seamlessly with essential services like Zapier, Convert Kit, and Stripe and even throws in some advanced options if you opt for higher payment tiers. It’s like having a smart assistant who knows not to bombard you with choices but provides just what you need for quick and effective engagement with your community.

Now, picture Heartbeat.chat as the master craftsman's workshop. It’s where you get an extensive range of tools, everything from Google Calendar and Outlook to Zoom, Salesforce, and more, right at your fingertips. For those of you who love to tinker and tailor every aspect of your community space, Heartbeat.chat’s broad integrations, including full API access in its premium tier, are like a dream come true.

Think of it this way: Heartbeat.chat is the go-to for those who want the freedom to build and customize down to the last detail. It’s perfect if you have the resources and the passion to craft a community space that’s uniquely yours. Meanwhile, SocialGlow is all about making your life easier. Their premium tier doesn’t just offer integrations; it offers a helping hand. You get to work directly with the SocialGlow team to weave custom integrations that fit your business like a glove. It’s less about DIY and more about having a dedicated team to streamline everything for you.

So, when deciding between SocialGlow and Heartbeat. chat, ask yourself this: Do you prefer having a platform that’s like a supportive partner in enhancing user engagement? Or do you love the idea of a highly customizable, resource-rich environment where you can play and experiment to your heart's content?

Groups in SocialGlow vs. Heartbeat.chat

In SocialGlow, groups are the central feature, akin to Facebook Groups, in their layout and functionality. Each group has a cover photo, member list, and an interface for posting and interacting. This design makes it a digital gathering place that’s intuitive and user-friendly. In SocialGlow, everything revolves around these groups -scheduling, content attachment, and control are all centralized here, simplifying the management of your program.

In contrast, Heartbeat.chat offers a different approach. The term 'groups' in Heartbeat.chat refers to categorizations of members, functioning more like labels or badges. This system allows for intricate segmentation of members. Once a member is placed in a Heartbeat.chat group, they receive tailored access to different parts of the platform, including specific onboarding programs and channels. This level of customization is powerful for those who require detailed member management.

However, SocialGlow streamlines this process. When you create a Group in SocialGlow, it automatically becomes a dedicated space for your program, with a unique link directing members precisely where they need to go. This approach eliminates the need for complex segmentation, concentrating all engagement in one location. The theory is that this concentration boosts engagement since members don't have to navigate multiple spaces to find relevant content or discussions.

Heartbeat.chat’s equivalent to SocialGlow’s groups are its channels. Channels in Heartbeat.chat can be threads, chats, or voice channels. A thread channel functions like a forum, keeping discussions in chronological order for extended, easy-to-follow conversations. A chat channel facilitates immediate, group-chat-style communication, while a voice channel offers live voice or video interaction, including screen-sharing capabilities for coaching and training.

In summary, while SocialGlow focuses on simplifying engagement in a single, comprehensive space, Heartbeat.chat offers more nuanced customization through its unique group categorizations and versatile channel options.

Video Hosting:

When it comes to video hosting, Heartbeat.chat and SocialGlow adopt distinct approaches. Heartbeat.chat does not offer in-platform video hosting, meaning that any playback or video content must be embedded from external sources like YouTube or Vimeo. While this requires additional steps to upload and embed videos, it also means that Heartbeat.chat can dedicate more resources to live video interaction features, which might be a significant consideration for some users.

On the other hand, SocialGlow provides a more integrated solution. Depending on your chosen tier, SocialGlow offers different levels of video storage, with the premium tier providing the most comprehensive option. This feature allows you to upload videos directly into your courses and posts, either through links or by uploading them directly to SocialGlow. By hosting videos within the platform, SocialGlow ensures that your content remains secure and accessible within its 'protected garden.' This approach simplifies the process of managing video content, as everything is stored and protected within the SocialGlow environment.

In essence, the choice between Heartbeat.chat and SocialGlow for video hosting depends on your specific needs. If live video interaction is a priority and you're comfortable using external platforms for video content, Heartbeat.chat’s approach may suit you. However, if you prefer a streamlined, all-in-one platform where video content is securely hosted within the same environment as your other program materials, SocialGlow’s integrated video hosting would be more beneficial.


One of the standout features of SocialGlow is its content template functionality, which could be a game-changer for cohort coaches. If your business model is similar to a boot camp, where members join for a limited time to achieve specific results, you’ll likely find yourself providing similar content to different groups. SocialGlow simplifies this process by allowing you to create a comprehensive template for your program's content – including videos, posts, polls, and challenges – and schedule it across multiple groups with just a few clicks.

This feature is a boon for coaches looking to scale their operations without adding to their workload. It enables the management of several groups simultaneously while maintaining the intimate experience that small-group coaching offers. With SocialGlow, you can automate the content delivery aspect of your programs, freeing up your time to focus on engaging and connecting with your members. The added advantage of being able to store videos directly within SocialGlow and schedule your entire program effortlessly means that each program, while templated for efficiency, remains unique to the experience you create within the platform.

In contrast to Heartbeat.chat's customization-centric approach, SocialGlow's templating feature offers a streamlined, efficient solution for content management. It’s an ideal choice for those who prioritize ease of use and efficiency in their cohort coaching programs, ensuring that the focus remains on member engagement and interaction rather than the logistics of content delivery.


Gamification is a powerful tool for enhancing engagement and learning in online communities, and it's where SocialGlow shines. SocialGlow's approach to gamification is all about simplification, allowing you to quickly set the stage for an interactive and motivating learning environment. As you create your group on SocialGlow, gamification is easily integrated. You can assign points to various member actions like liking, commenting, or posting. These points are then reflected on a real-time group leaderboard, fostering a sense of competition and achievement among members.

In comparison, Heartbeat.chat also incorporates a form of gamification through its leaderboard. However, this leaderboard is more of an analytical tool found under the platform's analytics section. It allows admins to track engagement but lacks the public visibility found in SocialGlow. While you can manually honor active members by posting screenshots of the leaderboard in community threads, this process isn't as streamlined or immediate as SocialGlow's built-in public recognition system.

Furthermore, SocialGlow's gamification extends to the admin's ability to add points manually for extra challenges or special achievements. This feature not only motivates members but also keeps the leaderboard dynamic and exciting. The real-time updates on SocialGlow's leaderboard serve as a constant motivator, igniting friendly competition and keeping members engaged. In essence, SocialGlow's gamification feature enhances the user experience by encouraging active participation and saving valuable time for administrators, making it an efficient and effective tool for cohort-based programs.


Heartbeat.chat and SocialGlow offer distinct types of support to their users, each with its own advantages. Heartbeat.chat provides a comprehensive support structure that includes Heartbeat University, where users can learn about each aspect of the platform. Users can also join community threads for inspiration and support from other users. For specific queries, email support is available, with responses typically received within 2 days. Additionally, for $500, users can opt for a one-time meeting with a community expert for personalized advice on setting up and running their community. Heartbeat.chat also offers scheduled support calls for focused assistance, catering to users who prefer in-depth, personalized help.

In contrast, SocialGlow excels in offering immediate support. It provides 365 days of live support chat, ensuring that both you and your members receive real-time assistance from actual persons, not bots. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are less tech-savvy and need prompt help. Moreover, SocialGlow's premium tier includes one-on-one onboarding assistance. The option for this service is prominently displayed on the user's dashboard upon signing up for the premium tier, making it easily accessible. This level of direct and immediate support is one of SocialGlow's standout features, setting it apart from other community-building platforms.

While Heartbeat.chat focuses on providing detailed, scheduled support, SocialGlow emphasizes immediate and constant availability. This difference in support philosophy is crucial for users to consider, depending on their preferences for either ongoing immediate assistance or scheduled, in-depth guidance.


Heartbeat.chat offers a comprehensive suite of event and networking tools. It allows you to host events, bring in nonmembers for community lead generation, and integrate seamlessly with Zoom. The event setup in Heartbeat.chat is flexible, offering options for virtual rooms, physical meetups, or Zoom events. The Zoom integration automatically generates links and displays live events on the community dashboard. However, it's important to note that Heartbeat does not record or host video content. Users can segment event invitations by 'group' categorizations, request post-event feedback, set the event's privacy level, and even manage ticket sales directly within the platform. Additionally, Heartbeat offers customizable reminder settings to ensure maximum attendance.

On the other hand, SocialGlow adopts a more streamlined approach to events. Events in SocialGlow are group-specific and can be set up easily under group settings. The process is straightforward – name the event, set the date and time, provide the link, and save. All members of the group automatically receive push notifications about the event, simplifying the reminder process. While SocialGlow's event features may seem more basic than Heartbeat.chat, they align with the platform's philosophy of keeping groups as the primary focus of digital interaction. The simplicity of SocialGlow's event setup is designed to reduce the administrative workload, with automated notifications (including text options) ensuring members stay informed without extra effort from the admin.

In summary, Heartbeat.chat is well-suited for those who seek detailed control over event management, offering a variety of tools and customization options. SocialGlow, meanwhile, caters to users who prefer an efficient, straightforward approach to event organization, focusing on the core experience of group interaction rather than on extensive event features.

Live Streaming:

Live streaming capabilities in SocialGlow and Heartbeat.chat cater to different user needs and preferences. SocialGlow offers a range of options for going live, making it a versatile platform for engaging and immediate content delivery. Users can stream directly from the SocialGlow mobile app, a premium feature that offers the most seamless live experience. Alternatively, posting a YouTube Live link allows group members to watch the live session directly within SocialGlow without being redirected. The third option involves connecting to external streaming apps like Zoom, OneStreamLive, or Google Meet, although this will open the live stream in a separate window.

In contrast, Heartbeat.chat does not provide direct live streaming capabilities within its platform. This could be a significant consideration for users whose programs rely heavily on live interactions. While Heartbeat.chat excels in providing tools for comprehensive event management and analytics, its lack of in-built live streaming might be a limitation for those seeking a more dynamic, interactive live experience.

SocialGlow’s live streaming is akin to the casual, interactive style found on platforms like Instagram or Facebook Live, ideal for group workouts or engaging sessions where member interaction is key. On the other hand, while Heartbeat.chat does not offer live streaming, it is well-suited for structured, digital classroom-style events, especially when integrated with external services like Zoom for live sessions.

Therefore, if live streaming is a crucial component of your programs and member engagement strategy, SocialGlow’s diverse live options offer a significant advantage. Its flexibility and immediate interaction capabilities make it an ideal choice for users seeking a lively and interactive digital environment.

Account Managers:

When it comes to managing user roles and account privileges, Heartbeat.chat and SocialGlow offer distinct functionalities tailored to different administrative needs. In Heartbeat.chat, you have the ability to assign and customize various user roles within the User Management section. This includes roles like administrator, moderator, or basic user. The platform allows for the customization of role names to align with your community’s culture, and you can also toggle the specific privileges each role has access to. This level of customization provides flexibility in managing how different users interact within the community.

SocialGlow, on the other hand, offers a unique feature that is particularly beneficial for those who work with personal assistants. While it allows for the renaming of roles in the group, each role comes with fixed allowances that cannot be altered. However, SocialGlow’s standout feature is the ability to add up to three members with individual login credentials to the Premium tier. These members can manage your dashboard and perform administrative tasks on your behalf. Importantly, any action they take, whether it's scheduling content or interacting from the admin side, appears as if it's executed by the primary account holder. This ensures a consistent presence in the group, even if the primary user is not directly managing every aspect. It provides a secure way of delegating tasks without sharing personal login details and maintains the illusion of a hands-on approach by the main admin.

In Conclusion:

Heartbeat.chat's approach offers greater flexibility in role customization and user permissions, catering to those who prefer granular control over their community’s structure. SocialGlow’s approach, while less customizable in terms of role permissions, excels in providing secure and discreet ways to delegate administrative tasks, ideal for users who rely on assistants to manage their online presence.

In our exploration of Heartbeat.chat and SocialGlow, it becomes clear that both platforms offer compelling solutions for community building, each excelling in its unique way. However, SocialGlow particularly stands out with its innovative approach to simplification and user engagement, making it a highly attractive option for those seeking an efficient and impactful community experience.

SocialGlow’s intuitive design, from its seamless content templates and live streaming capabilities to its straightforward event management, caters to the modern user's need for simplicity and effectiveness. The platform's commitment to real-time support and the ability to delegate administrative tasks securely adds a layer of convenience and security that is hard to overstate. Its focus on immediate user engagement through features like gamification and streamlined group management not only enhances the user experience but also significantly reduces the administrative burden.

Heartbeat.chat, with its robust customization options and detailed analytics, is undoubtedly a strong contender for those who prefer a more hands-on approach in community management. However, SocialGlow's user-centric design, focusing on ease of use and efficient community interaction, sets it apart, particularly for busy professionals and those who aim to maximize engagement with minimal effort.

Choosing SocialGlow means embracing a platform that understands the importance of a hassle-free, engaging digital community. Its innovative features are tailored to foster vibrant, interactive communities, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their online presence effortlessly.

In conclusion, while Heartbeat.chat offers depth in customization and control, SocialGlow shines as a beacon of efficiency and user engagement in the realm of online community building. Its streamlined approach and focus on simplification make it not just a tool but a catalyst for fostering dynamic, engaging communities.